Google website www.google.com redirect from www.g66g3e.c60

How to change typing g66g3e.c60 to Google.com

Most of the internet user very quickly typing in search engine search box g66g3e.c60 or www.g66g3e.c60 or www.g66g3e or g66g3e instead of Google.com from by defult Laptop keypad. By default almost all laptop auto selected numerical mode keypad. If any user typing “google.com” is this numerical keypad, then it is automatically typing “g66g3e.c60”. Because of dose not change numerical layout first time. Faster typing is main fact for the mistake. It is not a less skill fact. Just for faster typing and busyness issue.

Press “Fn” and “Insert/Num Lk” keys at the same time for keypad typing layout changing. Almost all laptop “Fn” key presents in bottom of the last rows Left corner in the laptop keypad and “Insert/Num Lk” key present in top of the first rows Right corner in the laptop keypad. Then you type google.com and go to Google search screen.

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Google.com instead of www.g66g3e.c60

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